Pengaruh Servicescape, Quality Communication Service dan Trust Customer terhadap Customer Satifaction dan Dampaknya pada Relationship Intention Nasabah Bank Syariah di Surabaya


  • Chandra Kartika Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Wijaya Putra, Indonesia
  • Soenarmi Soenarmi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Wijaya Putra, Indonesia
  • Arif Ainur Rofiq Fakultas Dakwah Dan Komunikasi UINSA, Indonesia


The low penetration of syariah bank in Indonesia which only amounted to 5.86% of the total population is quite troubling Indonesia's banking regulators. Although it has the prospect of a muslim population of 86% of the more than two hundred and sixty million Indonesian citizens but an increase from year to year is not significant enough Research in Surabaya aims to observe and assess variables in the customer's decision to remain a customer of Islamic banking, i.e. the servicescape, the quality of communication service employees, customer trust and its influence on customer satisfaction and variable relationship intention. The population of bank syariah in Surabaya could not be known with certainty, due to its fluctuating and the absence of public data are issued with regard to this, the researchers decided to take a sample of a population using methods aksidental. Bootstrap method combined with the program WarpPLS 5.0, which requires a minimum of five times the amount of the variable plus the indicators recommended by Frankel and Wallen (1993) where descriptive research to a minimum number of samples is 100 samples. The findings of this research is the variable quality of employee communications and servicescape effect significant, both to the satisfaction of the customer nor the relationsip intention. While the influential clients trust variable however not significantly to customer satisfaction and relationship intention. Customer satisfaction and variable effect on the variable relationship intention.


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