About the Journal

Jurnal Risalah Dakwah (JRD) is a periodic publication issued four times a year (March, June, September, and December). This journal focuses primarily on the study of Islamic dakwah, with specific aspects covering community empowerment, developmental dakwah, contemporary dakwah, Islamic institutional management, and Islamic counseling.

In exploring Islamic community empowerment, JRD presents in-depth studies related to efforts to empower Muslim communities in various aspects of life. The articles in this journal cover strategies for economic, educational, and social empowerment to enhance the well-being of the Muslim community.

Dakwah development is the next focus addressed in JRD. The understanding and implementation of community development are discussed in various articles that delve into the potential and challenges in improving the quality of life for Muslims in various fields.

The contemporary dakwah aspect is also highlighted in this journal. JRD discusses the dynamics of dakwah that align with the developments of the time and contemporary challenges. Its articles address how dakwah can remain relevant and effective in the face of various social, technological, and cultural changes.

Islamic institutional management is a crucial focus in JRD, covering studies on the efficient and effective management of Islamic organizations. Its articles discuss institutional governance, leadership, and innovation in the context of Islamic institutions, including entrepreneurship.

Finally, Islamic counseling is an integral part of this journal. JRD provides an in-depth understanding of counseling based on Islamic values, helping shape balanced and empowered Muslim individuals. With its broad and profound scope of study, the Journal of Dakwah Messages significantly contributes to the understanding and development of Islamic dakwah in various dimensions of Muslim society."