Peer Review Process

JRD is committed to ensuring the integrity of the peer-review process and maintaining high review standards. After the editor evaluates your paper for suitability, it will undergo a single-blind peer review conducted by independent, anonymous expert referees. Here are the JRD Review Guidelines:

Stage 1: Editorial Evaluation
The peer review process consists of several stages, commencing with the submission of your article to the journal. During this initial stage, the journal's editor will assess whether the article aligns with the journal's criteria. This involves considering questions such as:
a) Has the author adhered to the journal's guidelines?;
b) Is this journal the appropriate venue for this article?;
c) Will the readers of the journal find the article engaging and valuable?.
The editor may reject the article outright, but if not, it will proceed to the subsequent stage, which is the peer review process.

Stage 2: Initial Peer Review
The editor will identify and contact potential referees or experts in your field who are independent and anonymous. These individuals will be tasked with reviewing your article and providing feedback to the editor regarding its suitability for publication in the journal.

Stage 3: Revision and Resubmission
Following the initial peer review, you will have the opportunity to revise your article based on the feedback received from the reviewers. You can then resubmit the revised article with any necessary changes incorporated. There may be further revision requests, or if the editor deems that the revisions made are insufficient, the article may be rejected.